Friday, 27 January 2012

No nakedness please. We are British.

We are having another fairly strange day. At a lecture we attended given by our friend Richard which was covering the flora and fauna of Guatamala he produced a photograph of a very interesting lizard . Going by the name of The Jesus Christ reptile he told us . As my mouth dropped open he explained that in the swamps it's webbed feet gave the impression that it was walking on water! The temperature here is now 30 degrees and sitting in the sun is only possible for ten minutes at a time. Some people arrive, and move off fairly quickly but I fear for those who stay fully exposed to the sun. Fully exposed not does mean they are naked. The Brits rule the etiquette on this boat. No one, not even those from the Med take off their clothes in full view. This is a pity as I'd only just got used to it in Majorca last year and can now do it! I am writing this whilst drinking a Dark and Stormy! This interesting cocktail is mostly ginger beer and rum. Delicious.! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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