Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ripped off in Times Square.

I was ripped off twice in New York the last time we were there. As we approach landfall on Tuesday people are getting excited about doing some shopping at Macy's and finding various things like batteries for cameras etc. I am trying very hard not to be a damp squib but I have warned one or two to be careful. All I wanted was an adapter when I went into the shop nearest the hotel which just happened to be in Times Square. The sales man went into overdrive to show me this new camera which did everything anyone could possibly want. He demonstrated by doing a video of us both and we were hooked. He explained it was a revolutionary new product and he could do me a good deal. I asked for the connecter and he threw it into the package. I should have run then but of course I succumbed. It worked fine for a very short time but then we ran into trouble. I looked for a web site to get information. It was all there. Under the heading "Rip off in Times Square." Hundreds had been caught and sold very dodgy cameras. We got together to protest and may be get our money back. It was useless the authorities did not want to know. I still have my camera. It is a salutary lesson. If it looks too good to be true then it probably is. The second rip off was a minor affair. I bought and paid for 4 Big Apple tee shirts . When I got home there were only three! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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