Monday, 9 January 2012

Ruthless....when its needed!

I have just uttered the immortal words......
"That kitchen cloth has gone slimy....there's no redemption...its going"I can be ruthless on mornings like this....old apples, hard loaves, hot cross buns have all been jettisoned from the kitchen.   My husband is doing his best to rescue his things which look in danger but his ancient green grapes are the next to go......
We will be away for some time...I do not want to arrive home to find things have started a new life of their own. Sprouting onions,  eyed potatoes...etc.......all on their way out....
The house will have its own life in our absence.....the people next door, our cleaner, our children will all arrive at various times....   The plants will be either too heavily watered or not at all.....its in the hands of the Gods, as are we.
At least the weather is mild right now.
We are getting to Southampton without  snow or flood DV  and after that we are being looked after all the way!  
Onwards and upwards.....and watch out any sprouts that cross my path!
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