Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ship board conversations

Interesting conversations you overhear on deck. There is no way of not hearing some people and I learn alot inadvertently. Sitting in the jacuzzi are two men discussing the church. As one addressed the other as Father I assume it to be the Roman Catholic church. But I could be wrong! Apparently they complain about the diocese in America too! And they have old churches urgently in need of repair and no money to pay for it. It all sounded very familiar. Another rivetting conversation was Apple versus Windows. iPhone and iPad have achieved a revolution in this area. People who prior to having an iPhone would never have contemplated buying anything apple now sing it's praises...often loudly. I have discovered that buying an apple TV gives you access to all the programs on your phone, pad or computer. I have no idea how this works. I was only an eavesdropper so it would have been rude to ask. Comparing the merits of various writers only comes second to those of musical talent. People read a lot. Cunard provides a lending library! Everyone was quick to condemn the production of Twelfth night last night shortened to an hour! It merely confirmed my decision not to go! I don't set out to deliberately listen in but you really can't help it, unless it's a foreign language or whispered just out of ear shot! I will keep you all posted though! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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  1. Could be TEC Anglo Catholic (Father?).

    Just wondering why all things Apple seem to appeal to Clergy. Windoze seems quite able to cope with most stuff as does Android on mobile devices.

    They synce just like Apple devices and it all gets done through the cloud.

    As for the gossip, please keep it coming, it's delicious.