Monday, 30 January 2012

Ship board friendships

By this stage of the journey we know who we want to talk to and who to avoid if possible. It is interesting that often a friendship started on board can lead on to communications later thanks to the glory of E mail. Obviously the people you see every night at dinner are people you get to know well. Last year having been placed next to the famous tenor who used to sing through every meal we spent the first week plotting our escape but then we got used to him! A similar situation has occurred this time though it's not someone who sings so much as talks non stop very loudly. We have got used to it but are relieved when a no show occurs! There are limits to who you wish to have breakfast with though so we try to be a bit selective. Having a common language makes life easier though I have had many interesting conversations with people who speak no English at all. Sign language helps here as my grasp of French and German is very limited. We are off to meet an entirely new group of people this morning. One of the lecturers who we met last year is throwing a luncheon party for those he describes as the most interesting and pleasant people on board. Modesty forbids etc etc. but there will be 16 of us! Later at dinner I have ordered a bottle of champagne and some Madeira for afterwards for the six of us at our table. It's David's birthday! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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