Thursday, 19 January 2012

Small world at sea.

A day of surprises and joys. We get a sheet every day detailing the events, lectures and activities. We noticed one lecture that had a familiar ring to it. It was about the battle of the River Plate. It seemed an unlikely subject as we were not going to South America but we went anyway and there was a lecturer we had met on a previous cruise. He and I had had the same problem with the sockets in our cabins. There seemed no good solution but we exchanged room numbers just in case one of us found it! We then went to his lectures. At one of them he said hopefully "Is the lady from stateroom ..... here by any chance? " I said I was. He asked if I'd solved the problem and I had by that time! He then went on to ask if I'd let him into the secret which I did. When we got to the theatre this morning and found technicians attempting to get his graphics up and running we guessed it was the same man and it was. He is funny, well informed and a joy to listen to. It's a small world out here! And the best bit is that he has another four lectures to give! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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