Sunday, 15 January 2012

Talking to the world

I attended the computer seminar yesterday and it was a good congregation there present. Several of them were on Facebook but only me on Twitter. The young lecturer did his best not to look surprised! Cunard have invested heavily in a room of iMacs and we were all invited to play. The conclusions reached were pretty much what I expected. Facebook is for people you already know ,whereas said the young man, on Twitter you can talk to the world. He did not cover blogs but mentioned them in passing , raising one eyebrow at me and laughing when I nodded. I might have been the oldest in the room! We are getting about despite the rough seas and I may well go to the captains service of morning prayer later. I was startled yesterday when he came through the intercom to ask us to pray for those lost in the tragic accident off the coast of Spain. The man clearly has a soul! The ship on her side is much discussed here obviously but few think of praying for the bereaved. As I am now speaking to the world according to our computer guru may I ask you all to pray for those affected. Especially as we are now approaching the spot where the Titanic went down! . - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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