Saturday, 7 January 2012

Vanity, vanity thy name is .......

Up fairly early I am conscious of time passing and am in a serious countdown now to our departure day which starts very early on Tuesday morning. I am working tomorrow so that just leaves Monday.
Things have now started to get serious so this morning I have tackled a number of vital jobs.
I have cut my toe nails....a job for which heavy duty woodworking tools would be better employed.
I have then painted them,,,a fetching shade of silver...and been careful to put the bottle in my suitcase for when it all starts to peel off!
I have trimmed my hair and resolved to put scissors in the case too as it was much too long after the last trip.
I have sprayed my body with instant tan so that the first time I have to wear a low cut dress I won't look like a scraggy white chicken waiting for the oven !
I have bio oiled my legs, and made sure the sun tan lotion is ready to be packed.
I have shaken various bottles containing insect repellent for when I go ashore....
I have checked all my creams and potions making sure that anything left over at the end can go in the it doesn't weigh my case down too much for the flight back...
And then I thought....."When did I  get so vain? "
I have  never been vain......I haven't even worn make up for at least 15 years and yet here I am attending to small details like some deranged old matron determined not to be caught lacking in anything!
What has happened to me in my old age that I could have just spent an hour attending to myself alone?
The answer must be since I started to go on cruises...
Once on board we are pampered....fed, educated and there is no excuse for being unkempt at all.
Let no one be under any illusion about this....I am not without Protestant guilt here....but that's the start of a whole new blog!


  1. Not sure you are vain, perhaps more just looking after yourself fully, now that you have the time.

    I've never been on a cruise ship, although I've spent some time on HM Ships or ferries, conveying me from one place to another. Wearing a very fetching shade of green and muddy brown. And of course, sharing billets with up to 30 others.

    Not much privacy, but that's where the smelly stuff comes in very handy. :)

  2. Not vanity Jean, merely making the best of what you have.
    I must say the toe-nails sound enchanting.
    Do try not to lure too many sailors on to the rocks won't you?
    Have a wonderful time.

  3. My sailor luring days are long gone Ray! Thank you! I shall no doubt blog further on this subject!