Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Wet and windy

I've just been told off by my iPad. It said. "This iPad has not been backed up in two weeks. " there was a definite note of accusation and instruction as it told me the cloud worked when attached to the wifi! I doubt if the wifi cloud on this boat would welcome my ramblings! Today we are moving still further south to South America. Cartagena. Someone on twitter told me it was a rough place but that was 25 years ago! Our cheery captain assures us it's safer than Acupulco ! Most surprisingly it's wet and windy even though warm! The boat is moving again though. We all have our sea legs now and there are intrepid people walking the decks. We are not tempted yet! We've now been on this boat long enough to recognize people. It is more multi lingual than any other cruise we've been on. Communication is often by pigeon English and sign language which works well enough. We shout Ola at the Spanish and Portuguese and Guten Morgen at the Germans. There is a tiny Japanese lady in the cabin opposite and yesterday she lost her card, which switches on the light. She had groped in the dark until finally she asked me to stand in her doorway to give her enough light to search by. It was the first time I'd seen a cabin without even a window onto the outside world! When she'd found her card she threw both arms round me and hugged me! She was so tiny her arms only went half way round me. But the message was clear.....she was relieved! We are getting institutionalized on here having been on board for two weeks. But there are worse places! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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