Monday, 13 February 2012


The aftermath of yesterday is proving messy! People who had things thrown at them are complaining that the purple stuff really was beet root. The stain is permanent. Apparently the pool was so messy afterwards it had to be drained! Cunard have been working all night to get it all put right! I am not sure they realized just how many Pollywogs they had on board! Back to what is becoming normal now. A walk around the deck after breakfast and then we will go to a lecture later about Samoan life , which will be interesting! Life will then get busy! Not many sea days left now on this wonderful cruise! They seem to be making a very big deal of Valentines Day but the cynical part of me suspects it be a selling ploy to get rid of all the red roses bought in specially. Not to mention the diamonds and the Tanzanite! Coming up is the day we lose! There is an extra day in February this year but we lose a day when we cross the International Date line! I am not sure how that works but it will be explained in due course. At some stage I will have a swim...and a sit on deck, probably in the shade. The sun is very strong here . If it all sounds boring its because it is but we shall love every minute of it! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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