Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ash Wednesday.

We have left the tropics far behind. Our arrival in Wellington is marked by cool weather and drizzle. In fact it's just like being at home! It being Ash Wednesday I am wondering how I can best mark the occasion. My usual morning prayer does not quite rise to the occasion. There is a Catholic mass here in the late afternoon and I am considering gate crashing but I would not like to put a fellow priest into a difficult position. As I have not been to any of his other masses he or his congregation could be a little suspicious. And anyway it feels too much like subterfuge for such an important church day! Later God is good. We found a very beautiful old church. Old St Paul's. It's made of wood and is very beautiful. It was possible to pray and mark the occasion with grace! As its just one year since the earthquake in Christchurch we also prayed for those involved. The opportunity was a wonderful coincidence or a gift from God depending on your point of view.

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