Sunday, 12 February 2012

The British at play!

Its been an interesting day! The deputy Captain took the service this morning. Hamish came from Halifax and had great fun trying to get sexamagesima right! I started a new custom on my row exchanging the peace with anyone in earshot! It caught on ! Hamish told us just before the grace that we had entered the theatre in the northern hemisphere but we would leave in the southern one! After the service we went for our customary lunch time drink and found ring side seats for the crossing the line ceremony! It was chaos and very hot! The crossing of the Equator was duly celebrated and all the Pollywogs magically transformed into Shell backs! But only after they had been punished by having green stuff thrown at them... The British at play are seriously worrying! All this had been done in a 30 degree heat and full sun. I think the medical staff may be needed later with some soothing lotion! David and I escaped before the end....we are now in loungers in the shade watching the sea sparkle. And very much at peace with the world. We have another day at sea tomorrow before arriving in Paga Paga. Which is being pronounced Panga this another bit of British whimsy?'s in Samoa! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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