Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Caba San Lucas

A day here was amazing. We saw very ancient churches, hundreds of jewellery shops, a waterfront akin to Blackpool and abundant wild life. A visit to a mission church was an event in itself. Over the door was a large plaque showing native Indians pulling the priest out of the door. Apparently he had disapproved of their consumption of hard liquor and mind bending cacti to the extent that they killed him. It would never happen today! We were taken to a tequila tasting. The ordinary stuff was not too bad until they gave us the bottle that had the worm at the aid digestion! That's what they told us! A visit to a shop selling Mexican fire opals was almost aborted when we translated pesos into dollars and then into pounds. Ordinary opals were cheaper and I ended up with a tiny fiery cross! We saw some wonderful whales. Several were around a small boat, apparently looking for food. One of them was huge and encrusted with debris. We are now back on board and have set sail. The next stop will be San Fransisco. Bliss it is to be alive! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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