Saturday, 18 February 2012

Captains Wit!

Had the most scary thought yet. This is the last Sunday before Lent! The Captain started off his service by telling us all that it was Ash Wednesday next week and that he expected to see us all dressed in sack cloth and ashes! He nearly got the name right too! It was a lovely ecumenical service ending with a prayer for cruisers. It ended with "Dear God please save my wife from buying bargains she doesn't need. For she knows not what she does! " Followed by. " Dear God please save my husband from eying up all the foreign women. For he knows exactly what he does. " David came with me this week. I think we may have made a convert to ecumenical services! DV - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


  1. Love the ending prayers Jean.

    Your captain sounds great fun, as indeed does your entire cruise.

    A sort of capsule "lifetime in one month" sort of thing.

    1. Really enjoying your blog but it is going so quickly!

  2. It's going very fast indeed now as the end is looming!