Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cautionary poem

Its cooler this fact I am wearing a cardigan for first time since we left New York! We have two days at sea before reaching San Francisco. This morning we went to a lecture on Forensics which was interesting but a little gruesome in places. The saving grace was that the lecturer had a sense of humor so we will go again. Our friend Richard who is leaving the boat at the next stop took a professional interest in it naturally! There are a lot of very large people on this ship. Huge in fact. One couple have almost doubled in size during the last three weeks. And that's the problem of being on a cruise. You can eat for twenty four hours a day and some do! When I was young I had a very good appetite myself but thankfully now my problem is in looking for small portions and then getting through them without having the dog to help me out! This is one of Hilaire Belocs cautionary tales. One which might be put up at various places around the boat! The vulture. The vulture eats between his meals And that's the reason why He very very rarely feels As well as you or I His eye is dull His head is bald His neck is growing thinner Oh what a lesson for us all To only eat at dinner! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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