Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day gone missing!

Here is a weird thing....we are not going to have a Wednesday this week! The captain joked that he could promise everyone free champagne on Wednesday 15 of February and get away with it! We are now eleven hours behind GMT so tomorrow we cross the International Date Line! We will go to sleep on Tuesday and wake up on Thursday! Eventually we are told the time sorts itself out again and we are in sync with the rest of the world again. It's very easy to feel as though we've left the planet at this stage we are so far away! There was no mobile signal in Paga Paga....so no mobile phones! Parents everywhere eat your hearts out! In the very tiny town though there was a free Wifi hotspot ! So they do have access to the Internet! The iPad has tried to keep up with the time though sometimes lagging behind by an hour so it will be interesting to see what it does with a missing day! We are in an all new phase here! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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