Saturday, 25 February 2012

Don't push.

Ship board friendships are being forged. Several lone travellers have teemed up and one predatory man is still single. His modus is to fall onto step next to another man. He keeps pace until the other man realises and walks swiftly away. Clearly he needs to rethink the strategy! As well as friendships there have been some serious rows. Today all unwittingly we found ourselves in the middle of one. The sun came out and we went to find our place in the sun Our favourite place was occupied by two people who had spread themselves over six chairs. One chair remained empty so I took that and got another one for David from a different place. The little lady literally screamed at us. My chair. My chair. I asked if all the other chairs were hers. "Yes "she said. "My chairs. " The problem was they weren't even German! The Italian lady screamed for about ten minutes. We settled down and ignored her. No one else arrived to take up any of the chairs. I talked to an Italian man close by. It appears that some old English man had pushed her. It could have been David. I told the man very gently that David did not push but during the bad weather he might have stumbled inadvertently. "Old man should stay at home" he said. Just for once I was speechless. He looked all of ninety! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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