Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Election year USA

We were joined at dinner last night by the bridge partner of one of our new people at the table. She was upset. An American lady , she told us that the other people at her table had been very unpleasant to her. Her story is becoming a familiar one after talking to several people in the same dilemma . She was a Democrat. A rare species on this boat! It is election year in the states and the news is full of it. Also adverts for various candidates are filling up the space nicely. She had listened to them slagging off all Muslims and then Obama and had tried to talk reasonably with them to explain first that he was not a Muslim. But that even if he was , all Muslims are not all evil. After that she stood no chance. They had been aggressively rude for two nights and she had had enough! Another lady leaned in very close at a recent lecture to whisper that she was a Democrat. It all makes our political system looks very civilized. It simply for me reinforces the theory that the country is still in mourning but have moved on to a new phase. They need a scapegoat. Naturally it has to be Obama who is held responsible for the economic depression. too..anyone who stands up to them is tarred by the same brush. Those who plotted the events of 9. 11 have far more to answer for than they could ever have dreamed of! . . - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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