Thursday, 16 February 2012


Figi is very different from Samoa! We have visited a village which had a beautiful new village hall. A far cry from the huts of Samoa! I spent some time making sure no one knew I was a Rev. In the old days missionaries were eaten! Every bit of them were consumed ! Having survived that we watched a concert in the hall and went on to a orchid garden. By this time it was very hot and humid. Excellent for growing orchids in fact! Our guide was very good and the driver of the bus was Hindi. Both were excellent but were careful not to answer questions about politics. Only after did we discover that this particular island is a military dictatorship with no elections. A police state in fact. Tragic for the indigenous population over run by 7 to one by Indians! They were still a lovely friendly people and the singing was incredible. I watched four ladies singing very loudly in harmony and with obvious joy! The colonels lady and Rosie O 'Grady are still sisters under the skin!

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