Saturday, 25 February 2012


It is early morning and we are in the very large bay which leads us to Melbourne. The sun is already very bright and warm and we are looking forward to our tour! Yesterday I noticed that the sun goes the wrong way round here. I set my deck chair to catch the sun as it moved and was astonished to see it going in the opposite direction! I suppose it's logical in the Southern hemisphere but it was still a bit of a shock! Our tour today has the title of Leisurely Melbourne. We can only hope it does what it says on the label! We have not slept too well! We spent some time yesterday checking all our disembarking arrangements in Sydney and were shocked to find we were being taken to the airport at 7.30 in the morning. This for a flight that doesn't set off till three in the afternoon. We failed to get it changed so have now opted for a taxi to pick us up mid morning. The thought of a happy day in an airport did not fill us with joy! Half this boat is leaving in Sydney. It will be a mass migration! Many are changing ships to travel home on the Queen Mary, still most people's favourite. Some are staying in Oz with family and friends but the rest of us are flying back in the next couple of days. Hope a mass migration succeeds! In the meanwhile we still have today and another day at sea before reaching our destination. Better make the most of it! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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