Friday, 10 February 2012


We have now arrived in the place of the Trade winds....this makes travelling much smoother than it was....the huge swell has given way to a gentle rolling. It is warm but's not called the Trade winds for nothing! In days of old sailing ships could be certain of their passage around the globe! We are moving south and will cross the Equator soon. This of course means a party and all sorts of jolly customs have grown up around it. People who are doing it for the first time are called Pollywogs and have to cope with being dunked or having things chucked over its not our first time we think we are safe! I have been able to swim this was like swimming in the sea at home. Amazing waves on the pool! We go past lots of Polynesian islands on our way to Pago Pago. Everyone on board gives it a different pronunciation. It will be interesting to see how the islanders pronounce it! We are now thoroughly institutionalized there any other way of life? So this week sorting out problems with our home has had a surreal quality. The heating packed up. Could we ring our oil supplier? As we are now about 9 hours behind or in front of the UK it was impossible to ring at a time when anyone was awake! It all seems to have been sorted out via E mail to various people so it's just as well we've got the capability ! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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