Monday, 20 February 2012


When God looked down on the earth it wasn't quite right. In fact it was a bit of a failure . He could put it right though and that was the day He invented Australia. Our lecturer this morning started off with that one! It was a brief story of the differences and similarities of the two cultures. The speaker was an Aussy who sang songs, told jokes and recited poems. The best one was entitled. The blithering blathering parson. It described a pompous fussy cleric. Everyone thought it highly amusing! Preachers and missionaries have not come out well from the stories we have heard on this journey. From the one pulled feet first out of his church to the one who was eaten for patting a man on the head they have suffered many indignities. And yet judging by all the churches in Aukland yesterday Christianity is alive and well in these parts. I hope to find a church in Wellington tomorrow that's open. The last time we had Ash Wednesday abroad there was no church open in Majorca. It should be OK here though! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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