Saturday, 18 February 2012


The British actually like queuing. Unlike the Germans for whom it is a strange arcane concept. I waiting behind some elderly guests this morning. All I wanted was a tray. They queued like sheep behind their leader who was a very slow moving lady. The Germans simply went to the front and took what they wanted. When I decided to join in with the Germans I felt dreadful! We Brits simply don't do that sort of thing! To be fair to Cunard there is really no need to queue. They are well organised and will hand you anything you want. People at breakfast tend to chat quite happily but this morning we got suspicious glares from the people at our table so we have a mental note to avoid big tables in future. For most now a small chat is very good. Unfortunately us Brits don't do foreign languages very well. My pigeon French gets us through some moments and even more pigeon Spanish served us quite well in Mexico! As for the Americans we really are two peoples divided by a common language which leads me to wonder what the captain will make of Quinqagesima this morning! He does a very good service and it's well worth a visit! I'm not sure what the non English speaking in his congregation make of it though! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone
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