Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Samoan Paradise

We have just come back from paradise. Samoa is quite definitely a garden of Eden. The people are warm and welcoming and so is the small island. At midday we had no shadows and the temperature was around 30 Degrees. We were taken to a traditional village. The people own their own homes and have no need to work. There are fruit trees everywhere. Every other day they have meat as well as breadfruit, baked banana and spinach. The men do the cooking! The women nurture the children. There are several different churches here. All are white and beautiful. In their gardens are their graves. They keep their ancestors close at hand. They never needed to move in life so why should they in death. They gave us native beer cocoa and a small taste of their daily diet. They look after their old who in turn look after the very young The young men did rugby type dances and the girls sang sweetly. We loved every minute of our time in paradise!

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