Sunday, 12 February 2012

Strange customs!

Today we go into one of the more arcane practices on board! It just happens to be Sunday! Apparently in the old days new sailors were tested to see if they could cope with harsh conditions over long periods at sea! All Pollywogs were taken to the court of King Neptune. There they were tried and invariably found guilty of various crimes against the sea God. Punishment was being daubed with horrible things and then thrown into the sea! Now the pool will do! It's just as well since there are sharks in these waters! David and I are now shell backs having already done one line crossing! We are invited to watch but may well pass up on this.... It is hot! The weird thing is that inside the ship it's cool! Within minutes of coming in side we are shivering! Last night at dinner we were all pulling shawls over bare shoulders! So one of us complained. We were told that it's all the computers fault and that it is programmed to relay cool air in all public rooms. We suggested that maybe it should be turned down a notch . This was greeted with a loud gasp of is simply too complicated it appears! A balance is achieved then by sitting outside and then coming inside to cool down! In our cabins of course we can control the temperature! In the middle of all today's pagan festivities there is the Captains maritime service.....I'm looking forward to singing "Eternal Father" again. Especially for those in peril from Neptune! Sacred and profane walk hand in hand here! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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