Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Surreal here.

Life on board ship is getting very surreal. It occurred to me this morning that had we crossed the Date Line a week later it would have cancelled out Ash Wednesday! The iPad is insisting that today is 15 February and the phone tends to agree! As most of us had lost track of the days any way moving from Tuesday to Thursday makes little difference! Tonight is going to be tropical casual night. Gentlemen are not obliged to wear jackets! This is as rare an event since the announcement at Henley to the effect that they could remove their jackets in a heat wave but it should not be taken as a precedent! Everyone is very relaxed now...there are many casual conversations. No one knows what's really happening in the world, apart from football or basket ball scores! The common language is still English but in many accents from the USA and Oz. Our next stop is Figi! If its only half as beautiful as Samoa it will be wonderful ! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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