Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Tequila tasting!

We are now almost casual about going ashore in places we'd never heard of previously. We had heard of Mexico of course but not any individual town there. Cabo San Lucas looks lovely from the boat but it is going to be another very hot day and we have been warned not to wear expensive jewellery. David has been given a special invitation to visit the local diamond centre and as it was so close to his birthday they would give him a special gift of 65% off anything he fancied! I thought this a very good idea but he doesn't seem too impressed! We are going to look at some cactus gardens and do some tequila tasting! It won't have to be much alcohol as we then have to negotiate the tender to get back on board. Saint Luke certainly got about the known world in the Middle East but as far we know the New World was not part of his ministry. We shall see what they claim on his behalf! We present day Gringos don't come bearing Bibles. Just good will and cash! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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