Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Siting quietly in the lounge otherwise known as the Commodores club there is time to reflect on our journey so far. We left home soon after Christmas, having just had time to take down the decorations. It would not be good to go home to bedraggled trees and stale mince pies. So clearly my thoughts are homeward bound now. I have reviewed the most urgent things that will have to be tackled fast. I have contemplated the diary and hope there's nothing I've forgotten. And then my mind moves to the journey that looms ahead. There is no escape. Some people who got on in Southampton are going all the way round but quite apart from how long that takes it would mean going back over old ground...some of which we don't want to revisit. David has announced that next time we will fly first and arrive home on the boat. If only they would dock in Falmouth! The fact that David is not giving up is amazing! "We have one more in us "he announced! On the first trip we travelled through the Mediterranean , through the Suez Canal , onto the the Middle East, India and then to Thailand , flying home from Singapore. The second time we we crossed the Atlantic to the USA down to the Caribbean and on to South America, crossing the Southern Atlantic to fly home from Cape town . Both of the other flights were tedious in the extreme! But the journeys like this one were wonderful. We like crossing the great oceans! Update We are now at the airport......last years disaster with the luggage was averted and we are past customs too! Free Wifi! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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