Thursday, 23 February 2012


We are approaching the end of our journey now. This ship goes on without us soon. We get to Melbourne the day after next and then go on to Sidney. The waves are high right now. We are in the roaring forties and they do not disappoint. It's too windy to sit outside or even take a walk around the deck but there is such beauty to see all around us. Amongst the beauty is the mundane. Last night during the storm there was a loud knock on our balcony window. David sprang to his feet and said politely "Hello, whose there ." Fortunately no one answered! The journey has not been quiet. It has been downright noisy at times but it has been wonderful. We have enjoyed the oceans we have travelled and count ourselves as very lucky. We have passed through Australian immigration right here on the ship. So it's almost a valedictory experience! A Poem by Sir William Davenant Give to me the snorting breeze And white waves heaving high And white waves heaving high my boys The good ship tight and free The world of waters is our home And merry men are we. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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