Thursday, 9 February 2012


We are gliding softly into Hawaii. The going is smooth now...and it looks lovely. It's still dark and the lights are showing us the way! After the storm of recent days the relief is apparent, even though it's still very early in the morning. We have no tour booked for today. The dock is in a central position and we can walk to most places of interest. David has seen the Pearl Harbour site so we will amble along to Waikiki beach where he can sit in a bar whilst I try to buy things that don't weigh much to take back home. Shopping is always interesting as you try to separate the wheat from the chaff but the main requirement has got to be the weight. I have been out to stand on the balcony and it's warm! Alleluia! I could get to wear the new hat! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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  1. Thanks for all your blogs I really enjoy reading them after a long day at work. Enjoy the rest of your trip and thank you for allowing us to share your thoughts and experiences.