Sunday, 19 February 2012

Young crew

I had a long conversation with a bar steward. Ahem. He doesn't like NZ because there's nothing to do! And that's the exact reason why we like it! He's in his twenties and has already been around the world several times. Cunard gives them a half day off once a week , plus they get a three and half hour break after a shift. So they can often go ashore if they want to! If the bars and shops are close at hand they can slip out and back before their next shift. Several of the crew have told us quite a lot about their working conditions but none have grumbled about Cunard! They all save most of their wage because all the food is provided. Plans range from buying bars or cafes , buying apartments to rent out or doing some buying and selling. One girl broke down what she can earn and save in a year and she knows exactly how long she has to work before she goes home. They are allowed to bring wives and children on board and many do for short spells. The attitude of all the young crew is uniformly healthy and forward looking. A positive attitude will carry them far with a fair wind in their sails! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone
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