Thursday, 22 March 2012

Budget talk

The conversation after Communion this morning was mostly about the budget. Well, mostly about the fact that they failed to understand what impact if any it would make on their lives.
We were all over seventy and not in the poverty trap but they were puzzled by most of it.
My contribution was about taxation. It was the only bit that did actually affect me and it was the removal of the enhanced personal allowance when you get to 75. As I will have reached this wonderful age later this year it did stay in my brain.
Honestly I didn't really know I would get it anyway so I can't be shocked at losing it.
My view on taxation is fairly well known. It is the price we pay for a civilized society where the frail, sick and disabled are looked after by the rest of us.
I have never jibbed at paying my tax but I am only human and now I know that I am going to lose out I am not awfully pleased.
If your already getting this benefit you will not have it taken away, it's only those of us approaching the deadline .
I just wonder how many more of these little "savings" are being made which will only be realized later!
Judging by the complete failure of any sort of comprehension in what was a bright bunch of people who are usually quite savvy it looks as if the budget was a definate success.

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