Saturday, 17 March 2012

Ebook embarrassment!

This could only happen to me! Read no further if you have delicate sensibilities. I am not making this up!
My journey into the world of ebook publishing has just got silly! When I started the whole process off they advised me to get the formatting done professionally, especially as it was not written using Word.
I sent the MS off ten days ago and got it back this morning. Off I went!
I filled in the form, uploaded the new format and then got knocked back!
They did not accept it in this format!
I looked at the stuff that came through and realized that the name was wrong. I then decided to check the contents!
Well, please remember that I'm only reporting what I saw. Far from being a journey in faith it turned out to be a book extolling the virtue of a man with a very large penis! Complete with illustrations!
Thank goodness they sent it back. It could have been the most embarrassing book launch yet!

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