Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I am slightly anxious right now.....please forgive this but I have just taken the first,  very tentative steps towards getting an ebook published and am feeling....ambivalent....it felt like sending off a child without proper food or clothing into the big wide world! Some of you may remember that on my trip I wrote a personal account of my journey to the priesthood. Some of you even expressed interest in reading it! Like most of the other important things in my life I need a prompt to get things moving....If I get a nudge then I believe that it was meant to happen so I get on with it. This is not a foolproof method of living....don't do this at home! This morning I read a comment by Stephen Fry about an ebook publishing company. That was my nudge so I investigated...I am now a member of Smashwords. I have sent off the manuscript for formatting, having no skill in the direction myself....They don't seem to be very choosy so it may just happen.... The biggest problem is that it might not be free...and I'm not actually interested in making money....I just want it to be read..a bit like this blog really! Its very early stages yet....it may all fall at the first hurdle....so its a question of trying to appear cool, and waiting...You lot will be the first to know!


  1. Brilliant Jean. Well done.
    So our nagging has finally forced your hand has it?
    Wait for it world, and while we're waiting, please keep on blogging.

    J.K. Rowling - who she?

  2. You are very kind to me Ray and I do appreciate it! Thanks for the nagging and the encouragement.

  3. Jean, yes please. I definitely want to read it. A shared journey is always valuable to others.

    Perhaps if I ever get there, I will to write a book, but at the moment, it's a story in rough draft, with no middle or end. And as for formatting, I'm still waiting to get that sorted.

    Please let us know when and if it is to be published and it will be worth paying for.