Tuesday, 13 March 2012


The excellent article by Linda Grant, following a day of tweeting last week has reminded me very vividly of how times were.....in what seems now like another century. No one born after 1950 can possibly imagine the way things were for women...in thrall to their husbands..
My first big battle was to buy a typewriter. I was teaching, earning my own money but had to get my husbands signature on the HP document.
This taught me one important thing. I needed to be able to pay outright for anything else I wanted.
I started saving whilst I was still teaching.
On the day I stopped teaching  because I was pregnant  I bought our first TV,  My husband was shocked but soon came round to watching it with me!
I had a phone installed after the birth of our baby after I had had to push out the pram in the middle of the night to get to the nearest phone, half a mile away.
I bought a car by cashing in my  pension fund....My husband never ever sat in it with me  until the night we went to see his mother on her deathbed...
Times were different then...and they have changed through the actions of brave women who fought to get a recognition of our worth. I am not sure even today that we are actually equal to our male colleagues....but we are slowly getting there!   DV
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