Sunday, 4 March 2012

First morning back!

Putting on the dog collar this morning felt very did putting on tights!  When I left home it was still winter, Epiphany in fact. Today its Spring outside and Lent!  Whilst I was away  there was no hurry, no deadline, time was a movable feast....
There is still some jet lag....I am still waking at around five every morning fully alert and ready for work! There is a very busy week ahead of me so that will right itself soon I'm sure...
I am looking for ward to going to St Just again, cradled in its scaffolding and being redecorated it is almost at the end of this period of refurbishment and will shortly emerge in all its glory to be the place of beauty and awe thats its always been.
The gardens are  spectacular at this time of the year. Situated in a creek where no winds blow its always well ahead of the rest of us . The snowdrops were out before I went away so it will be interesting to see whats come up now!
It will take a great effort of will to get myself back into priestly mode, some of me is still in Samoa enjoying the singing!
Providing my car starts......I will get there early to see the progress and to answer questions!
Once more into the breach....etc..

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