Monday, 19 March 2012

Fixing snags!

I have spent an afternoon in experimentation! This ebook publishing is very interesting but also full of pitfalls for the unwary. Needless to say I was at the very bottom of the pit several times. When it was first published it was the unformatted version because the professional formatter had sent me a very weird one by mistake.
They published my own version but today it hit snags and could go no further. I had to change the cover because I inadvertently used the sample one! Then it was refused on several different grounds not least because I'd forgotten to copyright it! Not that anyone would want to publish it as theirs!
How ever I did the brave but foolish thing of pressing "unpublish". I was then sure that it had gone forever...however using the correctly formatted version it was quickly reinstated and had passed another hurdle.
The next step is to transform it once again this time into an audio book!
As we are in the middle of Lent and all that that involves plus a funeral it looks unlikely that I'll ever find time for it but it's good to have something to aim for.
Meanwhile it has already had 40 downloads so thank you all...
I really appreciate it.

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