Sunday, 25 March 2012

Green versus greed.

Today's readings and  the sermon were all about covenants and how to keep our side of the bargain with God.  Since we have free will then we have the choice of keeping the commandments and of honouring our obligations.
This was the moment  for one of my green versus greed in fact....keeping our environment clean and not plundered and not using our resources with investment in renewable energy and leaving a legacy for our children and grandchildren
This was the last paragraph

Imagine being given a wonderful gift which we loved dearly…a silver chalice maybe. First we used it daily  and then misused it and got it banged about….and then we  forgot about it. Years later we find it  but it wont hald anything any longer and its tarnished and ugly.   Do we blame the person who gave it to us for that? If we’d looked after it it would still be both beautiful and useful……Its all up to us, there is still time to keep our part of the covenant….its not too late.
Afterwards the congregation all came to say how great it was.....when I was expecting some dissent...
Perhaps the idea of using solar and wind power is finally at least being thought about! . 

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