Friday, 2 March 2012

Home. Deep sigh!

We left Cornwall in winter and returned in the Spring! It's warm and everything in the garden really is lovely! There are already lots of flowers out on the shrubs and green shoots are coming up everywhere. Only one blot on the horizon is my non starting car. Unfortunately the poor man at the local garage has been in hospital so it may be next week before it starts again. David's car will do for us both till then! My dog is very well but without my car I couldn't pick him up earlier and David was using his at the time! I am told though that he chased a bunny this morning...Crispin that is, not David! We will go and get him when his foster parents get back from town! For the moment I have been food shopping and a great load comes tomorrow. I am also enjoying untrammeled access to the Internet again. You take it so much for granted at home that it's a shock to find out how much it all costs when your a long way from home. I have dived in and out whilst we've been away which means I've missed things at times so I do apologies to anyone I've ignored by accident. When I've finally got the unpacking done and things get back to normal I would appreciate advice on how to get my 6000 word booklet published. I only mean on the Internet. I'm not trying to make money out of it! God is good. I have so much to be grateful for already, there is nothing else in life I could ask for! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad
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