Thursday, 1 March 2012

Jet lag

We arrived in London in good spirits this morning. The car which was supposed to pick us up was no where to be seen. After half an hour of searching we had retreated to a coffee shop to make alternative arrangements. Then my phone rang. He had got the time wrong! He was on his way! Relief! Trying to find a London cabbie to get us all the way to Cornwall would not have been easy. We had travelled first to Hong Kong, then to Heathrow and the next leg was to get us home! The first bit of the journey was epic but there were another five hours left yet! We talked most of the way home, called in at an M and S for food, came home and ate and then collapsed in a heap! It's going to take a while before we get back to normal! Just getting the time clocks in our bodies right will take at least a couple of days but now we are left with this amazing feeling that we have seen and done wonderful things. The house and garden look neat and clean, we have yet to go for Crispin....any attempt at driving would be foolish...but so far we have sorted out the two boxes of mail, listened to a great many messages on the phone many of which were cut in half and got some clothes in the machine to be washed... All the mundane details of life are waiting to be tackled but all in good time....sleep comes first and then more sleep! The sound of snoring is coming from Cornwall! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


  1. So glad you're safely back Jean.

    Have a good long rest to recover from your holiday.

    No irony intended.

  2. Jean, I've enjoyed your travelogue. What a trip! Glad you are home sweet home, though and I second Ray's suggestion. Have a good long rest now!

  3. Thanks for that ladies....I find that I have no option but to rest. Everytime I sit down I fall asleep! ....but I am very glad you've enjoyed was utterly marvellous for us!