Saturday, 17 March 2012

Link for the book

This is the Smashwords link to find the book......I wrote it on the sea, whilst huge waves were battering us...I hope this will help you to find it !
Many thanks for those who have helped in the more technical details!


  1. Sorry neither can I! Google Smashwords. My journey. By Jean Rolt
    Serves me right trying to be clever!

  2. Jean, I've read it and left a review. A moving story and worth recording for others to share.

    I've left a review on the page.

  3. Hi Jean.
    Mrs Numpty strikes again. Have been trying to read your book on my IPad, but can only get the first page. Very frustrating!
    Am posting tis on my IPad, so am slowly getting there, but oh how I miss my guru.
    Hope to do better next attempt.

    1. Ray. You may need to put a Kindle app on your iPad. It makes it much easier and I think it's free! Look in iTunes and don't give up...all the frustrations are worth it in the end!