Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Old age grief.

Having had my first walk around the garden with the dog this morning  I can confidently say that life is very good indeed!   It really is warm enough to sit out and my dearest David has already pressure hosed all the garden furniture so its now possible to do just that!
I have put my rocking chair by the front door so I can hear the phone if it rings and also use the wifi!
David is having coffee in the summer house so all is well with our world right now...and that's where the guilt sets in....
We may well be the last generation of affluent pensioners....and the granny tax in last weeks Budget is doing its best to start the rot, but I really do feel very sorry for those who thought they could retire at 65 and now find its 70!
The final salary  pension scheme hit the dust some time ago I know but I fear for all those who are just twenty years  younger than me.
The goal posts that keep moving inwards all the time are going to affect everyone... sooner or latter...
I really do hope and pray that the economic gloom lifts in time for all the other pensioners who have spent a life time working and saving for their old age .
For many its only the thought of being able to afford all the small luxuries they have  done without during their working lives that has kept them going in hard times.....
David and I are very lucky......but I do want that sort of luck for us all....God willing.
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