Tuesday, 20 March 2012

People are good.

I've just come back from a funeral visit and am filled once again with the absolute awareness of the inherent goodness of people....
As I am trying to make them feel better they in their turn are asking me to make this funeral as good as another one I did for their family last year...they are looking after me whilst I am looking after them!
People who have been born in one place and stayed there and been happy there  are rare in these days of social mobility but it works here!  The extended family net works are truly wonderful and the fact that they all look after each other during periods of grief is offset by the laughter they share about the good times....
Memories flood back at a funeral...remembering those who are no longer with us releases so many tales that its hard to know where to start...
The funny memories have their place amongst the sad ones...and three of us this morning have wept and laughed together.
It is a massive privilege to be able to do this for people I respect and love....God is good too.

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