Monday, 19 March 2012

School Exclusions.

I read this morning that several schools had illegally excluded pupils from their schools...
A report found several instances of this illegal activity around the country and there was a generally censorious tone to the article .  The writer had not bothered to enquire as to why this should be happening and why the heads have been driven to an act which is against the law as it stands at present.
Unless you have been in a school where teenagers are running riot as I have then you can have no idea of the problem.
Excluding a child from a classroom used to be one way of getting rid of an unruly student....this is now frowned on so the teacher is on his or her own.
One child in any classroom that is bent on causing trouble can spoil it for every other child who is trying to work..
I saw dreadful things during my time as a supply teacher in Essex...real violence done to property and to other children.  There were no sanctions that could be usefully employed to get these pupils in line and not bothering their peers...
If you are their proper teacher a relationship develops within the classroom and most good teachers win the attention of their pupils by being interesting and pleasant but there are some pupils who quite simply don't fit into that pattern...
I am not advocating bring back caning or any physical punishment but some sanctions must be available especially for this who are preventing the others from working.
Its surely time to start the pendulum swinging in the other direction.
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