Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring sort out.

I started this morning with my New years resolution....   a bit late I know but I have been away for most of the time since January!
I tackled blouses this morning . I had a whole rack of them hanging up so I decided that anything I hadn't worn in the last year had to go.  As I ploughed through I realised that "In the last five years" was more realistic!
I have now discarded everything I brought  with me from my last life.
The blouse situation is complicated by the shirt situation.....my shirts not his but I have now acquired at least ten clerical shirts in various colours, some of which are quite well worn  but can't be thrown out for obvious reasons......
The problem now is what to do with a bag full of blouses.....some silk, some fancy....some ghastly!
I take warm clothing and stout sensible  stuff to the local refuge but I can imagine that this lot might raise a few laughs and then a few tears!
For the moment I have stored them in the barn.....the nearly new shop might get them at some stage...and tomorrow I tackle the jumpers......then the skirts, trousers and jackets.....and this is why I am resolved not to buy any more clothes this year.....all I have to do is pop out to the barn next door!
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