Saturday, 24 March 2012

Working off anger.

I am having an angry day. This is most unusual. It makes it worse that though I am very angry indeed I can't actually discuss it with anyone outside the home, though the dog's ear has been bent quite a lot and David has given me several scenarios to work on in order to dissipate the anger.
He and the dog have now taken up their separate positions, one in the summer house and the other in the garden.
I can't say what has made me angry apart from being very let down by someone I trusted. It's not's been growing steadily since my return home.
I know I should simply have it out, discuss it, talk around it but I don't trust myself to be reasonable now...I've let it get too far for that.
When the first David died I had tremendous anger, both with him for dying and with God for letting him.
I got rid of that anger by shouting a lot on deserted beaches.
I can't do that anymore. So dear diary I am shouting at you can take it!
We all have a wobble from time to time....most of mine are momentary but I am having difficulty shaking this one off.

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