Saturday, 14 April 2012

Another cold caller bites the dust.

It's been one of those mornings when the world and his wife have tried to get in touch....mostly to sell us something!
In the middle of apparent chaos Sainsbury's arrived with the weekends food, the electricity went off and still the phone managed to ring!
After having a spent a morning hitting the unsubscribe button on my emails this week this line of approach is now clearly working....only twenty emails this morning and some of them were genuine!
I try never to be actually rude with cold callers but I came close this morning. The sheer volume of calls was already beyond a joke when the phone rang again just as I was getting my mobile out to ring next door to see if they had no power either. I was assuming no one could ring during a power cut. But they did.
The woman at the other end asked for me by name and then asked how I was this morning. This gave the game away instantly....she was trying to sell me something. Strangers don't ask after your well being often so its a bit of nonsense to try to sound interested.
Instead of telling her how I was I asked who she was and why was she ringing someone she didn't know!
She told me she was from The Ideal Home company.
As my home is already ideal I asked her to go away. I did say please.
Please join me in repelling's time for it all to stop. There must be better ways of getting your product sold than harassing innocent vicars.

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