Friday, 13 April 2012

Celebrating our differences!

In the old days we used to say in all innocence. "One of my best friends is black/ gay/ left wing, "etc . It was our way of saying we were tolerant.
I have been following the London Bus saga with both amusement and sadness. People are getting very upset at the thought that their sexuality can be changed at whim! And I don't blame them!
Rather I take sides with the Proud to be Gay movement.
And then I start to think about that too.....
We are all different....random selection makes sure that unless we are cloned there are never going to be two people exactly the same in the world.
There is room for us all and for all our beliefs.
Black or blue, straight or gay, Christian or Atheist there is so much to celebrate in our humanity that to start to be judgmental on anyone different is to lose the plot of what God intended I truly believe.
If we are all the children of God then He must have meant us to be different. And there are many different versions of humanity, but to feel pressured into denying what we are or trying to change it must be wrong on several different counts. We can strive to be better , that's something to aspire to.
With all our diversity in intelligence and talent we are a wonderful ragbag of people. All the races, all the religions, all the sexual preferences, all in the great big melting pot of evolution.
The French had it right "Viva la difference"
Diversity is something to celebrate instead of judging other people's personal preferences lets be glad, happy...ecstatic for those of us who have found a way of life they are comfortable with and that makes them happy, and try not to judge those whose lives are different by their own choice.
There are so many people whose lives are shaped by poverty or illness and who feel trapped. Let's celebrate those who are well, whole and different!

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  1. Thanks Jean. A bit of common sense in the debate.

    Just a thought, is describing people's personal preference a term that describes LGBT - their argument being that it's not a preference or choice, but is a genetic bias, which is out with their control?

    I support diversity and respect for difference, because that diversity is God made, not just an accident of nature.

    I think that the proposed advert was crass and in bad taste, but I see from the News that that Anglican Mainstream etc are planning to sue Boris Johnson on the grounds of breach of their human rights for freedom of speech and religious expression. That will probably generate more publicity than the bus adverts.