Tuesday, 10 April 2012


The day started quite well......until I sat down to write out the latest additions in the Baptism register....This all has to be done in indelible ink so you have to concentrate....any mistakes are only too obvious.
Naturally the phone rang in the middle of it....and it was two people inviting themselves down to St Mawes  in May..I passed them over to David, they were his old friends after all and he carefully explained that we would prefer to drive up to Devon and have a meal with them up there if they were there on holiday .....but they were coming...minds had been made up.  He then suggested  that they go to a  bed and breakfast and said I would supply them with phone numbers!
 He was doing his best.....he says he is now too old to have people staying in the house as it means he has to talk to them at breakfast!  Bless him for that....it was my conscience appeased..
Having no list of bed and breakfast places in the area we then had to pop into the village to the visitors centre....He parked outside ready to make a quick get away whilst I went in, promising to be quick.
The two people on duty both recognised me and asked about the christening on Saturday! All this took time with the new Traffic warden prowling!
I came away with a very small list to pass on to David's  old friends and then we got stopped in the village by very heavy traffic...the sun is now out so the small streets were  thronged ! We sat there for some time...thinking about all the things we should have been doing!
I might get to finish the register this afternoon......its time for a restorative cup of coffee!
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