Saturday, 28 April 2012

David's retirement

I am thinking alot about the first David right now. This is the time of the year when we always came to Cornwall for the first visit of the year. It's also the month he died here, very suddenly with no warning.
He had been one of eight regional Human Resources managers at a bank. His job was difficult, involving much hiring and firing and he hated the description "human resources". None of us were surprised when he took early retirement. We thought it would give him a life extension.
After a few joy filled months he realized that at 56 he still needed something to do so after being approached by an old friend he joined the panel of people who manned the Industrial Tribunals.
He was pleased to be accepted and decided that when we moved house he would transfer from Essex to Cornwall!
I was pleased too. Although I was not then a priest I had become a lay inspector of Care Homes and thought it right that we were both going to be contributing to society in our old age.
Sadly he died. The stress of his job was thought to be a contributing factor.
It hit me hard. But I am still proud of him and the way he did his job and cared for those he looked after at work. I suspect his is a dying breed but it's worth noting that he would still be only in his early seventies now and hopefully manning the odd Tribunal.

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